Re-use an existing Analysis as a template

friedEgg Touch builds an analysis as a series of filters that are applied to a table of data. The analysis itself is saved as a separate file, independently from the original data. In addition to the filters, the analysis contains any formatting that has been applied, including changes to data column titles and number or date formats. Therefore, a saved Analysis can be used as a template for analysing data with similar table structures.

If a new data file is selected while an Analysis is open, the data table is inspected to consider whether it has the same structure as the data table used to create the existing Analysis. The major features checked are whether the new table of data has the same number of columns and whether they have the same data type (text, number or date) and column title.

  • If these are different, a warning is displayed and the new data table can only be opened as a new Analysis.
  • If they are the same, but there are other minor changes - such as the number of rows of data - the data table can be opened within the structure and formatting of the existing Analysis, or as a new Analysis.
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