Exploring your data

Rotated chart
Create a 3D chart by assigning data items to the three chart dimensions. Use X, Y and Z dimensions to create a bar chart that allows you to focus on the key data items that are driving your business. An additional dimension defines the data item that may contain a label - useful both for exploring the chart and reporting.

Rotate the chart to inspect your data from any angle, using the zoom to adjust the chart size. Click on a chart bar or pie segment to see what it represents. In addition, a Key panel lists the bars shown within the chart, using the colored tags to identify each uniquely.

Click and drag the chart to rotate it and use the trackpad or mouse ball to zoom in or out. Whatever direction the chart is rotated, the filters can still be dragged naturally to select data.

The selected data items can be viewed in the data panel or combined with the chart image in a report. In addition, the chart image can be exported to include in a presentation.

Add extra steps to the analysis, to evaluate the data using other dimensions. Each step further refines the analysis, using just the items selected in the previous step. However, each is configured independently and can assign different data columns to the analysis dimensions.
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