Version 1.7.2
  • Improving drag and drop when selecting chart dimensions and filters within charts
  • Fixed bug on loading CSV data with data that is not a number, date or text
  • Adjusted image scaling for hi-resolution external displays
  • Adjusted transparency of panels when using Yosemite
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.7.1
  • A few tweaks to play nice with Yosemite
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Version 1.7

  • Charts can now be created with just three data dimensions (X, Y and Z) at any level, as the label dimension L is now optional. The data view, key panel, printed report and exported data are automatically configured to include the label if present, but ignore it when not available
  • Changes in chart objects selected at one step are automatically reflected in subsequent step
  • QuickLook automatically displays a summary of the greatest valid step
  • Updated many of the chart objects and images to high resolution, to look better on a Retina display
  • An analysis is now always saved as a package
  • The file containing the data table can be linked using a bookmark, which maintains the link even if the file is moved, or it can be copied into the package
  • Analysis files created in earlier versions are migrated to be saved as a package, when first used
  • Support for multiple threads, to avoid seeing the beach ball
  • Background data loading and saving
  • Background printing and data extracts
  • SQLite replaces binary file formats
  • 64 Bit support
  • ARC memory management
  • Minimum system requirement is now 10.8, to support the use of bookmarks
  • Updated all Automator actions and the Applescript dictionary to work with the Sandbox
  • All input data tables must be CSV format (easily exported from Numbers or Excel), XML is no longer supported
  • Improved gesture support with pinch to zoom, left/right to navigate the analysis steps, etc
  • Various other minor enhancements

Version 1.6.2

  • Minor fixes for errors when opening data files
  • Improved handling of remote help book

Version 1.6.1

  • Fixed links to key help topics from the Start Up panel.
  • Corrected link to obtain remote help book updates.
  • Charts panel allows chart type to be changed with a single click.

Version 1.6

  • From version 1.6 onwards, friedEgg Touch is distributed exclusively through the Mac App Store.
  • Analysis files can be saved as a package, together with the data table.
  • Exported data can include all of the columns in a data table.
  • Various bug fixes, performance and usability improvements.

Version 1.5

  • The tool palettes have been reengineered to simplify the application and removal of formatting tools and filters.
  • Adjustable contrast between selected or unselected chart objects.
  • Formatting tools and filters are highlighted, both on the charts and the palettes, when selected.
  • The cursor changes to reflect the actions applied to the chart.
  • Improvements in the way that the filters are combined to select ranges of the users data.
  • Using both the upper and lower filters within a dimension allows specific ranges to be selected or excluded.
  • Data selection can be further adjusted by clicking individual chart items.
  • Improved chart lighting and handling of object shininess.
  • Removed filters are inserted at same position if reapplied.
  • Further improvements addressed the reliability of saving and opening analysis files, including minor changes to the formatting of the saved analysis files.
  • Older files are automatically reformatted when first used.
  • Various bug fixes, performance and usability improvements.

Version 1.4

  • Added Quick Look previews. User preferences to determine whether chart images are saved, and for how many steps
  • Changed default QuickLook preview size to improve presentation with Snow Leopard
  • Key data from analysis files are indexed for searching with Spotlight.
  • Warning message if not enough data columns in data table to create a chart
  • Changed font for step button, so that it displayed correctly with Snow Leopard
  • Improved software update process, with preferences for sending anonymous profile
  • Preferences button is now active when added to toolbar
  • Fixed issue with showing and hiding the Keys panel and the Settings panel. Now both can be shown and hidden again after they have been closed
  • Font panel shows font of selected text and applies new font selection to text
  • Color panel shows color of selected object and applies new color selection to object
  • Adjusted size of right click panel to improve display of text and values
  • Various bug fixes, performance and usability improvements.

Version 1.3.6
  • Improved performance when loading data tables from CSV files
  • Expanded help documentation
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.5

  • Improved datamodel to take advantage of Leopard features
  • Improved clean up after saving and opening Analysis files
  • Fixed bug when customizing toolbar
  • Fixed bug when setting chart fonts.

Version 1.3

  • Scope can now be set and edited by dragging and dropping dimensions to data columns
  • Improved validation of steps within the analysis. Invalid steps are highlighted
  • Improved panels to simpify the formatting and control of charts
  • Simplified the display of the scale for the X and Z dimensions
  • Simplified data model to increase performance when loading data and creating charts
  • Extensive update to the user help
  • Updated Kagi registration module
  • Updated Sparkle update function
  • Updated Select Step Automator action.

Version 1.2

  • Added 7 Automator actions: - Set Data; Set Analysis; Save Analysis; Select Step; Print Step; Export Data; Export Chart
  • Implemented scriptability through AppleScript. Scriptable commands for basic tasks to load data and existing analysis files, and to print and export selected data and chart images. Steps and columns contain read only scriptable objects that can be inspected with AppleScript.
  • Display snapshot image of each non-selected step to aid navigation
  • Printing and chart export only possible when a chart image is available
  • Data export only possible when data is selected within a chart
  • Selected data can be exported as a comma separated (csv) text file
  • Saved analysis files forced to have extension of .bEgg
  • Charts can be exported as either TIFF, JPEG2 or PNG images types
  • Simplified license management
  • Fixed bug so that changes to lower level steps ripple through to upper steps
  • Fixed bug so that chart is updated after dimensions are changed.

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed issue with user registration involving short email addresses
  • Upgraded Kagi registration module to version 1.0.7
  • Displays Scope panel, instead of chart, if not all dimensions are present
  • Corrected menu handling on start up.

Version 1.1

  • An existing Analysis can be used as a template for analysing other data. When a data file is opened and an Analysis is already open, the structure of the data file is compared to the existing Analysis. If different, a list of errors is shown. If the errors are major (different number of columns, data types or column headings) the new data file can only be opened as the basis for a new Analysis. However, if it is similar the data can be opened within the existing Analysis, using the same formatting
  • Added Rotation button to chart view. If set in preferences, rotates automatically when chart presented
  • Automatically presents chart when X, Y, Z and L dimensions are defined. If set in preferences, automatically determines dimensions when data is loaded
  • Automatically sets factor for number and date values, to simplify presentation of chart scale. If set in preferences, automatically determines factor when data is loaded
  • Improved progress reporting when loading data files
  • Improved handling of unsaved changes to Analysis information
  • Reports are now printed directly from friedEgg Touch, rather than as reports displayed in Safari
  • Changed layout of Start panel to assist first time users
  • Included Example Data.csv file in application package. Can be loaded by clicking button on start up panel
  • Included brief introductory video in application package. Can be viewed by clicking button on start up panel
  • Updated user help for new features, plus some 'how to...' answers to FAQs
  • Added menu item to toggle between start up panel and Analysis details
  • Updated Acknowledgement text
  • Right-click of chart bar or pie segment fades in/out information panel
  • Improved importing of date/time data from csv and xml sources. Expects date to be in Short format for the users location. Increased leniency of date format decoding
  • Changed calculation of relative date using oldest date value in a column
  • Simplified editing and updating of user license information
  • Improved detection of first data row in data table
  • Corrected csv entry, to accept blank values at the end of a row of data
  • Changed background for Key panel to ensure that it is transparent with Leopard
  • Changed drawing sequence of chart elements so that text is not obscured by other items when charts are rotated
  • Increased trackball radius to avoid flipping at edges
  • Removed duplicate filter/selector panels
  • Blank data column headings defaulted to 'Column n'
  • Improved saving of chart formatting, including colors and font
  • Increased file and app icon sizes to 512 x 512
  • Fixed background drawing issue for Leopard.
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