Formatting charts

Pie chart
Charts can be displayed as either bar or pie charts. Bar charts have either a rectangular or cylindrical shape, and can either be automatically colored or use the color that the user prefers.

Drag the ruler to the chart
Changing the format is as easy as dragging items from palettes onto the charts. Add labels and scales to the edge of the chart or change the colors and fonts. The formatting is saved as part of the analysis template.

The format of the data itself can be changed to simplify the way it is shown both in the chart scale and the listings of the selected data. When initially loading the data, columns are automatically identified as being number values, dates or text. Each can be formatted separately. Numbers values can be adjusted by factors of ten with appropriate decimals to improve their clarity. This is included as the unit of measure, on the chart axis and data column headings.

Format the data
Date values can be formatted as days, weeks, months or years. A relative date value is then used to create the scale ranges, allowing all items with, say, the same month value to appear in the same range of bars in one step of the analysis and to be aggregated by week in a subsequent step.
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